Proffessional NLP Coach

In this innovative training, you will find a new, inspiring and more efficient and result-oriented way to communicate. You will obtain a great arsenal of customer coaching techniques that influence personal performance. If you want to achieve positive and lasting change in yourself and others, this training is for you!

After the training, you can confidently apply to yourself and others the necessary skills for:

  • Defining realistic and achievable goals
  • Creating a plan to transform goals into results
  • Focusing on solutions, not on problems
  • Work-life balance
  • Avoiding the trap: "Let me tell you what to do!"
  • Targeting personal qualities to achieve professional success
  • Asking the right questions, leading to a specific goal fulfillment

This course is especially useful for:

Organizations and leaders wishing to develop key staff and teams

Specialists in Human Resources and Social Workers

Coaching experts, psychologists, coaches, facilitators and pedagogues

Business entrepreneurs

This training is useful and different because it is based on numerous practical exercises that will allow you to learn and check on the spot the efficiency of coaching and its applications.

    Participants receive certificates from The Society of NLP of Dr. Richard Bandler for Levels NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner

    Participants receive a certificate after each course, part of the ACT certification program

    A certificate is obtained after passing an exam on a specific case from the respective Coaching field. The Mentoring Program and Exam are individually specified and involve on-site work with real clients.

    You can specialize in one of the fields by completing the registration form.